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Audio Production

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Sound Equipment


Immerse your music in excellence at Garden Heart's cutting-edge recording studio. Our skilled engineers and state-of-the-art equipment create an environment where your musical vision comes alive. From capturing subtle nuances to preserving emotions, we go beyond expectations to deliver an exceptional recording experience.

Mixing & Mastering

Transform your music with Garden Heart's superior mixing and mastering services. Our seasoned audio engineers meticulously balance elements, ensuring your tracks receive a professional polish. Whether you desire a warm, vintage tone or a modern edge, we tailor our approach to your unique style. Trust us to add the final touches that make your music stand out, providing clarity, depth, and impact.

Mixer Keys

Voice Over & Narrative

Our studio guarantees clear and nuanced voice recordings for documentaries, commercials, and animations. Collaborating closely with clients, we capture the perfect tone and intent, delivering impactful voice-overs that resonate with your audience.

Future Grammy Winners:

Music Recording



We understand that your art is your legacy. Carving out problem frequencies and perfectly blending audio elements, we craft the perfect balance, allowing your art to shine brightest.



When industry standard

isn't enough:

Take your track to the next level with our professional mastering. From hard hitting 808s, to creamy bass frequencies that make the hair on your arm stick straight up-

We push for sonic excellence. 


Full Production

Handcraft your next hit with our in-house producers, engineers, and studio musicians. Record with the pros, and stand out with the highest audio quality-Mixed and Mastered to perfection.

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